Developing our student athletes for the next level

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A Team: Keith Reynolds
B Team:  Tom Kane

C Team TBA
D Team (Mitey Mites): Will Croom



2018 Cheerleading:

A Team (Patriot): TBA
D Team (Jr. Pee Wee):  TBA
E Team (Mitey Mites):  TBA


Coaches Philosophy
It is the philosophy of the Westford Jr. Ghosts that all eligible student athletes be offered the opportunity to participate in a program that stresses the importance Sportsmanship, Tradition, Academics and Respect. We blend our athletic program with the educational goals and philosophy of our schools, to provide a truly positive learning experience. Emphasis is placed on developing well rounded student athletes in a fun and safe environment. 

Core "STAR" Values:


Team Conduct Coaches and Athletes
We will practice and play as a Team
We will show respect to all members of the team regardless of personal ability.
We will support and encourage all members of the team.
We will win or lose as a team.
Young Athlete's Bill of Rights
1.     Right to participate in Football
2.     Right to participate at a level commensurate with each child's maturity and ability
3.     Right to have qualified adult leadership
4.     Right to play as a child & not as an adult
5.     Right of children to share in the leadership & decision-making of their participation
6.     Right to participate in safe & healthy environments
7.     Right to proper preparation for participation in sport
8.     Right for equal opportunity to strive for success
9.     Right to be treated with dignity
10. Right to have fun in sports